The Art of Service: Part 1: Professional Service: Giving to your profession

Giving to your profession Your profession is the valuable knowledge and skill that you have acquired to be able to BE OF SERVICE to a group of clients. It doesn’t matter what profession you study; doctor, plumber, financial consultant, accountant… Continue Reading

Strategies to Manage Tasks to GIVE you Time!

  To have more Time you have to slow down your Mind so that you become Laser Focussed Managing tasks is about what we call managing time. We can’t actually manage time! Time is Infinitum….so what can you manage? That’s… Continue Reading

Are You Bossy & Demanding?

Resistance begets Resistance When you resist other people and become Demanding, Bossy, Pushy, Superior etc you tend to set up resistance towards you. Have you noticed that? The conscious action to take is to develop the ability to ALLOW things… Continue Reading