Jane Andersson








I LOVE working with Managers in the Middle.

You are Very Important People in the Workforce!

You have reached middle management and it’s NOT an easy position!

You are in the pressure cooker of your organisation and have people at you  from all directions. You NEED and DESERVE to be supported strongly at this level so that you develop your management and leadership capabilities on a strong foundation.





To lead a business and a team you need clarity, certainty & heart. New perceptions & confidence in your actions & words will pave the way for a business and team that truly flourishes.



imageI’ve been a Leadership Coach for 15 years; a Learning and Development Specialist and Business Owner for over 20 years. I’ve worked with 1000’s of people like you in Middle Management and Senior Management so I know the problems that exist in the workplace at your level.


 My heritage is Swedish, English & Australian. 

I’m currently writing some books to help Managers in the Middle so watch this space for the launch of those.

Kindest Regards

Jane Andersson