7 Strategies To Deal With a Person Attacking You at Work


Being Attacked?





I was recently working with a client where I had to teach her some strategies to deal with a person attacking her at work. By attacking I mean someone launched into a dislike of her behaviour, her requests, her EVERYTHING! It happens! This person happened to be new to the company and was wielding her authority over my coachee.

So if you find yourself the target of someone like this  here are 7 strategies to exercise to stop it.


  1. Withdraw away from that person as much as you can physically.
  2. Withdraw from them as a target in any way you can and get on with your job really well.
  3. Do not confront them while you are still a target.
  4. Do not talk about them to others or be drawn in to comment on them…stay low key.
  5. Soften your tone and language around them…do not inflame things by pushing back.
  6. Be factual. Keep your opinion to yourself in meetings.
  7. If questioned you can say ” I don’t have anything more to add”

If you become the target of an attack like this and you don’t inflame it more….most times a person moves on to someone else if this is their pattern.

If you provoked it in some way by your own behaviour then that needs to be looked at by you. If you need a coach….contact me.

Remember when these experiences come your way they are for the development of your own capacities to mature and handle difficult people and situations differently.

Ciao  for now;  Jane


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