All areas of your LIFE are interconnected

Many people talk about having a personal life and a professional life. As far as I’m concerned we have only “ONE LIFE”. In other words your life is one entity; intertwined and interconnected….its holistic; you can’t separate bits of your life from each other and think they don’t affect each other.

So your personal life will impact your professional life and your professional life will impact your personal life….because they are interconnected. If you are having marital issues it will affect your emotions and they will spill over into your communication to your colleagues, team members, suppliers, customers etc. People notice those changes in us as we are more transparent than we realize.  If work is tough and we continue to spend extra hours there, it will impact your personal life.

That is why its important to view your life  as a whole and to understand the interconnectedness between health and work, personal relationships and work, finances and work, spirituality and work etc. Paying attention to each area of your own life teaches you to be aware of the people you lead; to see people at different stages of understanding this for themselves. Being aware at this level enables you to be more observant and to “nip issues in the bud” as we say in Australia…which means to observe changes in your team and take them aside to check out what’s happening. When you become proficient at this you can begin to create a dream team.

That is why I write and coach in all the areas of life because as a leader it is vital that you understand your own life and how to direct it to being stable because that’s what the majority of your leadership of a team, a business, an empire , a country, a family will be about….is creating stability in the different areas of your “ONE LIFE”.     Enjoy This!    Jane

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