Are You a Control Freak?

Relinquishing control gives MORE space to  your relationships.

It OPENS them up rather than shutting them down. You’ve heard the statement ” they are a control freak”. Well that’s what people say when they “feel” controlled. You absolutely WILL NOT get the best from another person if you stay doing this. Now I know how scary it is to let go of controlling …because the fear is that you will be Out Of Control…

Being OUT of Control

Being Out Of Control feels like you have NO POWER….BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!

Have a read of my blog called Resistance begets Resistance….you will see  3 things to work on to activate your power there.

Not TRUSTING Yourself or Others

What makes us control? A lack of trust makes us control. Mainly we don’t trust ourselves to “get through” or communicate to others so we DEMAND which scares most people into submission

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