Are you afraid of being Criticized?

One of the biggest obstacles for you as a manager is to overcome  the voice in your head that  fears being told off, criticized or reprimanded for an idea you have or something you feel is important to say. How many times have you backed down from putting yourself forwards because of this voice in your head?

I’ve personally lived with this all my life and it still runs me every now and then.

The TRUTH is:

that you will ALWAYS have your critics and you will ALWAYS have your supporters. According to Quantum Physics there are two equal sides to EVERYTHING!!!!

That means that you CANNOT AVOID being criticized! If you try too you will eat yourself up and die inside…your spirit will die trying to hide and protect yourself; so forget about being criticized and just do and say what is in you to do and say. As a manager and particularly as a leader you cannot go round trying to be Mr and Ms Popular! For starters you will be way out of integrity with yourself and you are doing NO favors to your team. In fact you are being completely irresponsible!

So remember there are TWO SIDES! That means that you CANNOT AVOID being supported either. The trick is to look for where you receive both criticism (negative) and support (positive) in equal measure. You cannot have one without the other. There is ALWAYS equilibrium. If you think there must be only one side then you are in a state of delusion about life. If you are in a state of delusion then you will experience a great deal of pain as you will say things like “why me”, “how could they”, how dare they” etc as you are not accepting the negative side of the equation.

So you WILL be criticized by somebody somewhere. I used to live in this delusion and now the way I manage it differently is to say BRING ON THE CRITICISM. It’s often the same people criticizing you…so bring it on because the other side is where you are supported anyway.

Hope this helps those of you with that voice in your head!  Jane

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