Are You Bossy & Demanding?

Resistance begets Resistance

When you resist other people and become Demanding, Bossy, Pushy, Superior etc you tend to set up resistance towards you. Have you noticed that?

The conscious action to take is to develop the ability to ALLOW things to be as they are.  You really don’t have to be so afraid of how to respond when someone says or does something you are not expecting .

Yes that’s YOUR FEAR! So face the fear….breathe….and then respond.

And just trying to get your way all the time….well…think about that!

We can change some things but not ALL things.

The trick is to communicate better;  speak up and say what you’d like or what you think would work etc but then to let go to ALLOW things to be as they are; NOT to be DEMANDING and Controlling of other people.

When you are firm but respectful to people you’ll get a lot further instead of accruing a reputation as “DIFFICULT”.


DEMANDING behaviour is INFANTILE behaviour and its time to grow out of it.

(sorry to be so blunt….but someone has to just tell you!!!….there… the bandaid is pulled off…..the pain is subsiding….) Its the childhood tantrum and becomes ugly in an adult. It sets you up as a difficult person to be with , to work with and to live with.

Feel better now?


Eckhart Tolle; says:

“When things become intolerable, you have 3 choices

1. You can try to change the situation

2. You can remove yourself from the situation


3. You can ACCEPT it exactly as it is

Hope this was helpful…its always difficult to see what we are really doing….but as you get better at JUST OWNING it and moving on it’s very liberating and you get easier to be with. Most adults still do some infantile behaviour but if you do quite a bit …my job is to help you grow out of it so you can be in your real power! Don’t worry…I still have little pouts now and then too…but it’s realising it quickly that counts.

With Love and Wisdom…….