Are You Defensive All The Time?


Defensiveness is a wall of self protection. It’s  caused by a deep feeling of insecurity or hurt from the past so when someone else says something or does something  that hurts you, you don’t like or interpret as “against” you; the wall comes up to protect you.

The trouble is that it causes problems at work in teams and at home with family and friends.  Being defensive all the time makes it difficult for people to work or live with you in an easy way as they then have to start couching around topics to be with you instead of being able to be direct with out you reacting.

The good thing is that you can learn some new skills that help you to curb your instant auto reaction.

If defensiveness is causing a problem wherever you go then help is at hand.  A few coaching sessions will help you to be more aware and practise new communication skills  to begin to deal with this area of emotional maturing. Contact me on the contact page now.