“Blandising” Customer Service






Today I went to the Post Office. I was the ONLY person to enter and there were 3 staff members there and NO other customers. I went to walk straight up to the counter and the young guy said” Next Please!” I laughed playfully and said “you ARE joking? smiling” and he said “thats customer service” with a blank face. I said to him, ” mm.. not really . Its the opposite of customer service”. I said ” you sound like McDonalds. It would be great if you use your personality with us .” The playfulness left me as I witnessed a totally blank face who didn’t understand a word I was saying!

Anyway, I’ve made up this name “blandising” because I feel that companies are making their staff bland! They need to be teaching people how to be themselves again; so they know¬†what’s appropriate and what’s not of course, but PLEASE bring back some personality and TRUE customer service which is about ENGAGING with the customer. It seems like its a lost art! I’ve always had fun with customers and there is enough negativity in the world without having to endure “blandising” over and over again when we do simple business.

Who else is sick of the LACK of customer engagement at the front counter or on the phone!? Show us some leadership and a return to ACTUAL service which is meant to be JOYFUL to all our souls. If people can have some fun and real engagement during the day, the spirit of that spreads to their family and back into the workplace.

Come on now….lets spread the joy around.

Joyful Jane!


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