Celebrity Leadership

This month I attended a very large breakfast of 1400 women in Sydney. The guest speaker was Deborah-Lee Furness; otherwise known as Hugh Jackman’s wife. She talked about their family “cause”…children who have been abandoned and the red tape and expense involved with adopting children. She said there are plenty of people who want to adopt and plenty of children who need adopting…..but the systems don’t work and the children stay in these institutions becoming more and more emotionally and mentally disturbed while the issue goes to the bottom of governments agendas. Check out this video about Hugh Jackman…..did you know this about him?

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I highlight this 1st of all as a leadership issue to be dealt with by governments in all countries and secondly I highlight this story because its a great example of the type of work you can lead and be involved with as a voice when you have the financial where-with-all to go about speaking as Deborah-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman do. By the way she is a fantastic speaker…very natural, engaging and intelligent.

Don’t be afraid of wealth! Think about what you could do with it instead and then you have your REAL reasons for building your own wealth.  I want to stress in this article that many celebrities if not most are very generous with various issues that exist in the world with their time, money and spirit.

I want you to be grateful for the people who are wealthy today, to honour them and what they have achieved. If you do this you will fast track your own wealth. If you pooh pa h them and resent them you destroy your own ability to create wealth and give to other causes that require that level of generosity. It’s a choice; which way do you want to be? In Australia we have a term for the people who have achieved more than others who get ridiculed and criticised by the people who resent them for achieving more than them….it’s called “The Tall Poppy Syndrome”. I’m sure this exists in every country.  Until next time:  Jane


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