Creating and Destroying as Leaders

Creating and Destroying are the two opposites. Throughout religions and philosophy the two are described as one. Now that might sound odd. In Quantum Physics which deals with the polarities (opposites) it is said that opposites make up one full quantum. they both have to co-exist as both have a function in life. Same message! Now all those famous people can’t be wrong surely?

The way I see it is that as a leader you have to become capable of both. In order to create something new you have to destroy something old. For example if a team is not functioning well you have to identify the people who are not working as a team member and release them from your company. If your marketing strategies are not working anymore, you have to let go of the old and bring in the new technology and ways to market. If the structure of a company doesn’t work any more you must be willing to destroy old structure to create a new one. There are so many examples so my hope is that you can see what you need to destroy in order to create what you want. Many people hang on the old while they endeavour to create something new but there is a point where you must let go. If a business is not working you have to let it go and decide what you really want or explore new options.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve watched people’s fear at being made redundant. A few months later I get an email or call to say ” Jane it’s the best thing that ever happened to me…I’m now studying or doing something I’ve wanted to do for years!” So never be afraid to release people if it feels right for your business as it will also be right for them. (destroy to create)

The same applies across your whole life.  Even selling a home and moving to a new one is destroying to create . Divorcing an old relationship in order to create a new one; tossing out old clothes to have new, ripping up a garden or cutting down a tree to create something new. We destroy the ground to have precious metals, granite in beautiful kitchens, stones in beautiful jewellery, heating etc etc. Jane

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