hello from Australia- the land down-under!

Well hello! It’s 5.30 am and this is my very 1st blog. As I feel my way around writing to you, I can hear the birds just beginning to warble outside my window. It’s Autumn here or Fall as you Americans call it…and yesterday was really the 1st day of cooler weather in the southern hemisphere.

I’m a learner at this blogging; creating settings and moving my business to a global platform called Internet Marketing. As I write this I am personally being coached in Internet Marketing techniques. Last year when the global economic downturn hit Australia…it hit the corporate world hard and the 1st cuts made were in Training and Coaching Leaders…..my field of expertise. So it became a challenge that became an opportunity to try something new. I made a decision to learn internet marketing and to re-create my business on-line  whilst maintaining an off -line presence as well.

My dream has always been to help others around the world have the best life they can possibly have. I believe that as human beings there are Universal Laws that are intrinsic  to all life and that if we understand the Laws and apply them then we can live in a stable and harmonious way  within ourselves 1st and into our outer world.

I want to share my research and lessons with you and I hope that as you travel with me that I can inspire, support and challenge you to live your life according to your own values and dreams and therefore  discover your stability, confidence and power in all areas of your life.. …………………With Love and Abundance  …….Jane

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