Inspiring vs Motivating Your Team

What’s the difference you may ask?

Let’s start with motivating. I always think of motivation as having to excite myself to do something I don’t feel like doing or to excite someone else to do something they don’t feel like doing! I’ve been to many seminars where motivation comes in the form of music, upbeat positive talking, rah, rah style raise your hands and yell it out type stuff and of course it can be fun and entertaining.

I think that motivating others to do more, change etc is very much a non engaging, short term, excitable action that doesn’t have much effect except for the manager doing the motivating who becomes EXHAUSTED with the TRYING! The other thing is that if you keep “trying” to motivate someone you are the one doing all the work….they will then only respond to “being” motivated.

Inspiring on the other hand is a very different approach and means you have to do the personal development work to be able to engage fully with people and find out what drives them and match up their values to the task you are asking of them and help them to see a bigger picture.. Inspiring means tapping into a deeper level of each team member, appealing to their conscience when it comes to working better as a team, communicating as a team etc. Inspiring others comes from someone who is inspired by what they and others do. Inspiring others is a heart or spiritual connection not just the head…that means that people feel a deep connection and love of doing what they do. It doesn’t mean that its easy to inspire and sometimes you have to be tough with your words to inspire and sometimes very gentle. I wrote another blog earlier called “Do You Love Your Work” it’s ¬†under the Professional Life Category…it goes with this article.

So Inspiring others to be productive, creative, be on time, etc requires you to communicate ¬†very well with each person as individuals to link their goals to the task at hand, to talk of purpose, to link the connection to them. When you do this successfully people become self motivated…they become excited and have fun doing what they love and understanding how it all works for them and others. They create the energy to get things done… don’t have to try to get them to do it….. Jane

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