Managing 3-4 Generations at Work

I have read some some amazing accounts of  managers and owners giving lots of presents to Gen Y and Gen X to motivate them to work productively.

I personally do not see this as a very inspiring way to lead them. I see it as bribing….which only teaches them to be arrogant; it doesn’t teach them to mature! Any one at any age can be selfish and try to get their own way, but it doesn’t make for a successful team spirit.

It gives them the wrong message about the work force and being part of a team. If they have been spoilt by their parents then the workforce can be the place where they learn that they cannot be spoilt all the time….THIS IS AN IMPORTANT LESSON! Managers are there to give those lessons NOT to pander to the whims of spoilt brats! Spoilt brats become arrogant selfish people who become very difficult people if they have never been “called on their behaviour” by anyone along the way!

Most Managers these days are managing and leading 3-4 generations within the workforce.

OK so I can hear you saying….but what do I do with these  generations …..they are all so different Jane?  That’s right! They are different.


Lead all your team according to their VALUES and YOURS!  Find out what’s important to them and communicate in those terms (ie both). Teach them to communicate to other team members via their values etc etc

That doesn’t mean you have to give them what they want

It means inspiring them to understand how they can achieve what’s important to them through their own efforts; their SERVICE to others.

If someone throws a tantrum when they don’t get their own way…then you need to teach them…inspire them…that those actions are of a 2 year old not a 23 year old or a 42 year old, (call them on it….don’t be afraid). Then tell them that they cannot have their own way all the time. It’s time to grow up! No one will respect them for that kind of re-action. What they need to build is respect and learn to let go of having what they want more gracefully. That should do it for most people. They will start to work it out for themselves. When the rest of the team see that you are capable of this; THEY will respect you highly even though the one you just “called” may be sulking for a while. Keep them focussed, get them listening more.  Hope this helps,  Jane

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