Service is Everything

I’ve had a month or more  away from writing my blogs as I’ve been writing a mentoring program so it’s great to be back.

If you want to stand out as a business then you just have to deliver consistently high service to your customers. The art of service has been somewhat lost by many companies over the last  20 years.

I’ve watched it deteriorate in Australia, London and the USA. I’ve seen too much arrogance or lack of care towards customers; too much attention on what they  (the server) wants and so not delivering any service at all to the clients.

What they are delivering is a transaction and that’s all! But that’s not enough!

Service has that something extra to be called Service!

This is the Difference Between Delivering a Transaction and Delivering a Service

✘ Transaction: they put a gadget in a bag, put their hand out for the money, give you change all without any interaction, smile, or eye contact. In fact whilst you are receiving your change they are transacting with the next customer. If you say anything about the lack of service they look down on you with an air of superiority. There is no humanity in it.

✔ Service: they greet you with a smile and hello, have some interaction, make sure you have the right gadget, they are warm towards you maybe have a laugh,put the gadget in a bag, collect the money and say goodbye whilst maintaining eye contact ; before they move to the next customer.

Same amount of time BUT completely different experiences.

When you hire your  service team you need to get people who actually care about people, who have genuine warmth. People who are not very warm towards people are often better at behind the scenes positions, so make sure you have the right people in the right places. That’s all for now……..Jane

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