Strategies to Manage Tasks to GIVE you Time!


To have more Time you have to slow down your Mind so that you become Laser Focussed

Managing tasks is about what we call managing time. We can’t actually manage time! Time is Infinitum….so what can you manage?

That’s right…..your Mind again! You can manage your mind when it comes to  the things you want to do and have to do on a daily basis to create forward motion and harmony in your every day life.

If you don’t use a conscious strategy you will feel as if you’ve never caught up and probably be operating in overwhelm because you are giving and giving but very unconscious and very unproductive….know the feeling? You also become resentful and angry and very tired if this goes on….and yet…you are doing it  YOURSELF!!!!

I Nearly Died because I was SO scattered and running on EMPTY!

I almost died in my 30’s because my mind was SO scattered and I was trying to give  too much in all directions to prove myself; so I was running my internal system on chaos! My nervous system jammed up and backed into my digestive system which stopped assimilating nutrients and I almost died as a consequence!  I was burnt out! Pretty drastic hey….but this could be you. And I’d like to help you prevent going down this path.

So here are just 4 strategies to help you.

4 Conscious Strategies for ManagingTasks….to give you more time

  1. CHOOSE how much time to give to each task eg 15mins then stop, CHOOSE again
  2. PAUSE between tasks
  3. ACKNOWLEDGE what you’ve just done
  4. Be PRESENT to that one task for the time you’ve designated

There are more strategies but this will get you started. It may feel stupid to start with but you’ll also see how much difference these make. And remember what happened to me !

NOTE: Tasks are everything! Getting dressed, eating, cooking, showering, writing a report, watching TV, playing with children, cleaning, shopping, going to the gym, writing a blog, talking to a friend or colleague etc

I see people all the time who are OUT OF CONTROL in this area and their lives are messy. Time to take control!

With Love and Wisdom…………Jane

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