The Art of Service: Part 2: Giving to Your Workplace Relationships

In Part 1 we talked about giving to your profession and to your clients. We talked about the juice that connects your profession to clients and today we are talking about service to your team mates; to your colleagues; to your employer, to your organization; to your suppliers and to the cleaning staff and the maintenance people. This is about more juice, more love, more connection and more fulfillment for everyone.

Part 1 was somewhat external service and Part 2 is more of an internal service to others you work with and for. Some time ago I wrote an article called “All Areas of Life are Interconnected”….you can find it in my categories on the right hand side. It would be good to take the time to read this as Part 2 in this series on service is designed to help you see and feel the connection again that exists and must exist between all parts of your life for you to feel satisfied and fulfilled and to give your best during the time you are at work.


Work SHOULD be a place of joy, fulfillment, fun and purpose!

Many professionals have lost this connection to joy, fulfillment, fun and purpose. One of the ways that you can begin to re-instate this for yourself is to CHANGE YOUR MIND about service.


Service seems to have become attached to something lowly and beneath many professionals because they are educated.

That means many professionals see themselves as superior and hold an air of superiority to their team, colleagues, cleaning staff, maintenance people etc. They see themselves as better than others simply because they have a higher education, a degree, are paid more, have more prestige, hang around with other professionals or well known people, wear more expensive clothing and believe they are doing something that has more value than others. If you are operating like this it’s your ego you are in….not your real juice….your spirit of giving and being of service to others.


Your profession IS valuable BUT that doesn’t make you MORE valuable than other people.

Without the other people in your team and organization and those who supply your organization ; you have NO INFRASTRUCTURE to operate in. When you don’t value these people who make up the internal structure and you treat them poorly, dismiss them easily, look down on them as inferior to yourself you create whatever you get back!

What you get back!

If you act as above you will never think highly of your team or colleagues or executive. Your team will not give you the best they have inside because they know you look down on them so they will feel nervous, make mistakes, be less productive, take any opportunity to stay away from work and YOU! They will not share and include you easily. They will talk negatively about you behind your back and perhaps even find ways to sabotage you.

All these actions, feelings and words create negativity in your organization and you will blame them (if in your ego) and on and on it goes.


Rise ABOVE your ego and Be more HUMBLE

Humility is one of the GREATEST attributes of really good leaders and as a professional; you are a leader. I read an article from Harvard University a few years ago where they did a study of fortune 500 business leaders and it surprised them that HUMILITY was one of the key attributes that made their organizations so successful. These were organizations that were stable and stood the test of ups and downs in the economy.

Humility or getting out of the ego, and valuing your team members and others for the contribution they make to you, to others, to getting things done on time, to keeping things organized, clean, maintained, warm and beautiful etc is what being of service is about within your team or organisation.

So here are some TIPS to give service in your workplace:

♥Ask your team members “how can I be of service to you” or “is there anything I can do or change that makes your job easier to do”?

♥Start to notice what every single person’s contribution is and value it

♥Begin to thank people more often…be appreciative with your words to them

♥Build rapport with people in your team….get to know what’s important to them

♥Take more notice of how you are supported to excel at your profession within the infrastructure

♥Add some juice to the team by bringing joy, care, love, respect, appreciation and generosity to them


GIVING is the key

So hopefully you’ve noticed that giving is the key here. What are you giving? You are giving more of the juice of YOUR generosity to others

Give more of the generous spirit of YOU and watch what changes. Give to others what THEY value.

Give to others what they need so they can give back to you easily OR give to others what you would like for yourself. Top your team up with generosity from you by thanking them, seeing them, having time for them, helping and caring about them.

It’s not that hard….but many professionals have stopped doing this and its time to re-instate it.

May you be blessed in your workplace service to your internal team today!

Love to you






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