The Art of Service Part 3: Giving to your Personal Relationships

Personal Relationship Service is Giving to your family & friends

You might think that this sounds weird…to consider that service to your family and friends is important…. well it is… let me explain.





Giving to Your Family


Giving to your family can mean many things. What I witness is that often this is the last place that people give. Now that is not everyone…..but many people dump in their family, are often unkind, unfriendly and uncaring, don’t listen, don’t ask questions, judge harshly, make assumptions and treat family members with disdain.

To give is to offer something freely to another with no strings attached….NO CONDITIONS  or expectations of GETTING something back in return and this is where family members often go off track because they give with an expectation which creates resentment when they don’t get what they expected back.


So when you give….give freely.


Giving requires an OPEN heart not a hard closed heart.

We can all continue to open our hearts more. Practicing giving a little more and a little more will help you open your heart again.


Here are some areas you can practice Giving to your family

♥ listening more attentively

♥ asking questions to find out more

♥ appreciating them

♥ acknowledging things about them

♥ time…give more time

♥ sharing something

♥ helping them


Giving to your Friends

The same things above apply to friends. If you give these things you get to know each other better. We are all so rich inside, but often don’t get asked any or very good questions by friends and family so get tagged and stuck in a box and labelled boring or not interested.

I find people extraordinary!

As a coach I get to work with people in a close way and they tell me all sorts of things about themselves and I get to enjoy parts of them they have often never shared with those closest to them just because it didn’t feel safe or didn’t get asked.


Every single person has SO much to give and share and BE in life

So take the time to find out more about your friends and family. It will feel odd to start with if you haven’t been doing this very well but you will soon reap the rewards of the seeds you sow into these important personal relationships. A WARNING: don’t EXPECT friends and family to return the warmth and openness….do it because YOU WANT TO DO IT!!!! They might feel a bit suspicious to start with.

When you are generous in spirit to your family and friends it affects your professional wellbeing!

May you be blessed in your personal service to your friends and family today!

Love to you








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