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 Personal Coaching For You: Managers paying for themselves ONLY

1. Enhance your Leadership and Management Ability.

Create Your Leadership & Life Coaching Program-2 hours per month Skype With Jane

$500 per month at present.  Very Special Deal!!

It includes two hours per month by Skype with me of 1-1 leadership development over a minimum of 6 months.

As an outside coach I can give you key strategies to deal with difficult situations or people that sometimes you can’t get from the inside.

Contact me via the contact page and lets have a free 30 min consultation about your needs.



2. A Bank of 4 Coaching Sessions

Your 2015 Coaching Bank Special-4 x 1 hour Skype Coaching Sessions with Jane.Use anytime THIS year

This is a bank of  4 hours x 1-1 Skype Coaching  to use anytime throughout 2015. Only $999.  You could use this for the following :

1. To try me out before you commit to 6 months

2. To deal with one or two issues

3. To have handy for when you need me



Just follow the instructions below to contact me and we will organise a free 15-30 min consult then you can decide.

I would love to talk to you about your specific needs.


bulletObligation free 15min consultation
bulletLarge portfolio of successful clients
bulletOur conversations are confidential

Contact me for a FREE consultation to get an idea of whether I can assist you. Please leave your details below and I will contact you very shortly. If you are in Australia I will phone or email. If in another country I will email first and contact via Skype. Please use the contact page to leave your details. Thank you.


Corporate Coaching Needs and Facilitation of Workshops: P.O.A.  Please contact me via the Contact Page to discuss your needs.

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