“Jane, you have the ability to support teams and individuals through periods of enormous growth and change on both a professional and personal level.  Your insights were incredibly perceptive, direct and clear and provided the guidance for us all to grow from our experiences. I found you to be very objective and professional yet nurturing and supportive. Your contribution has been invaluable.”Jane BrysonDirector: Two de Force: Events Company  Sydney


“Jane’s work is fresh, innovative & motivating.”Director:    News Corporation  Adelaide


“The work you did with our Managers over the last 2 years has made a huge difference to the culture.” Rob White: CEO The Cerebral Palsy Centre of NSW Sydney


“It has been fantastic working with you over the past 2 years. Mark and I appreciate very much the assistance you have provided.  We have felt particularly  comfortable with the way that you have broached difficult issues with us and made us realize our potential, recognize our strengths and weaknesses and focus on strategies of improving our ways of working together.

Your high level of insight, sensitive nature and delightful personal approach has made what we thought could have been an onerous exercise into a pleasing life changing event.We valued the way in which you focused on our unique business and relationship issues and helped us to solve problems ourselves in a clear and rational manner. 

Following our total staff session, we have noticed a definite improvement in staff morale, attitudes to each other and general esprit de corp.” CHRIS ADKINS Design Director & MARK DAMANT Manager:Architecture Woods Bagot:International Architecture, Interior & Urban Design Co, Brisbane


“We have witnessed changes that have occurred at every level that have only been positive.. We highly recommend Jane’s work. “The Management Team: South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide


“Enlightening! I now have the ability to promote positively as a team and a company.”Executive Sales Manager: Advertiser Newspapers Ltd, Adelaide


“Without you as a coach I would have left some time ago and but now I have fulfilled my goals as a leader of this organisation, including initiating the highly successful international conference on Cultural Competence. You have helped our executive team to have higher quality conversations and to improve the quality of our team. Thank you.” Barbel Winter: Executive Officer:  MDDA Sydney


” Jane, you have an honesty & calmness that I don’t see often. I have more freedom now as I am willing to be more truthful with myself and others. The way I interact with my team and clients has made me a better manager & I feel comfortable about my leadership style being naturally quieter. I have found this coaching to be unique; tailored to me, deep and very personal. You REALLY listen to me. You are refreshing. Thank you.”Mireille Campbell:  Manager:  Price Waterhouse Coopers Ltd, Sydney


“Since working with you as my coach I have witnessed the change in my clarity and approach to my own health, time management and the leadership of my organization.  You have supported my consciousness in order for me to make more powerful decisions, to be bolder with things we do, to reconstruct our recruitment process so that we hire more aware people to our organization. We are becoming more responsible and aware of our purpose and our actions as a team and organisation.”Helena O’Connell: Executive Officer: NSW Council for Intellectual Disabilities, Sydney


 ” This coaching project and team spirit was wonderful. Thank you for all your support and wonderful energy that has helped me be present and understand my role as a leader more consciously.”Earle Arney: Director: Woods Bagot Architects:  Sydney and London


“Very different to anything else I have attended. I like what it focuses on.”Retail Manager: Jurlique International, Adelaide


“Jane helped me get through a very difficult period in my life. I found her techniques and classes to be invaluable and a most worthwhile investment. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone requiring specialist support in improving their business and personal relationships or their general leadership skills.”Joe Denina: General Manager : Australian Payroll Services, Sydney


” I feel like a different person. I have more freedom and relax at home with my family now instead of worrying about work. At work I feel focused and my attention is on what I CAN do instead of what is not happening.” Angela Sampson: Manager:  Interior Design at Woods Bagot Architects, Sydney


“Jane trained a successor to manage the new training office, re-designed and implemented a safety training module as a launch to inspire the team of 400 to realize training as a positive thing. The safety module she re-designed has since become successful around the world within the business. Jane coached several managers and directors in an informal way and helped to turn around some extremely negative teams. This was a challenging role as many teams were remote and resisted the change. Jane came along and woke us up!”Russell Anstey: Director:Hatch Consulting: International Engineering Consulting Company, Sydney


“Jane created a formal Leadership Coaching program for senior and junior managers consisting of one to one and group sessions and an integrated program for ALL team members to attend on a voluntary basis. The attendance was 95% for the whole year.The brief was to prepare the team for the takeover by AMP and to focus on change management. It was considered very successful.”Leigh Kearney: HR Manager: GIO Financial Services, Sydney





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