A Simple Detox at Work

Detoxing  is eliminating a build up of toxicity in your body. Toxicity builds up via lots of coffee, lots of carbohydrates….those irresistible  morning muffins and afternoon chocolates, pollution, smoking, those lovely glasses of vino or other alcoholic beverages, fatty chips and burgers and other fast food, sitting in the office chair all day followed by sitting on the train followed by sitting in front of the TV feeling exhausted, plus stressful situations with relationships, finances etc will all create a build up of toxicity. Most people turn to pharmaceutical drugs to combat the symptoms of toxic build up which just puts a band-aid over the real problem and actually adds more toxicity to your body.

Your internal body needs a cleanse every now and then, just as your skin needs to be cleansed of toxins like dirt, sweat and grime.

This can be as simple as :

  1. Replace coffees for a week or more with herbal teas, warm water with lemon, or coffee substitutes.
  2. Replace cakes and muffins and chocolate with fresh fruit and nuts
  3. Take a salad or buy a good salad and fish or chicken for lunch
  4. For dinner also have plenty of fresh vegetables and a protein like fish, chicken, soups,
  5. Make sure you have lots of water and eat the things above frequently.
  6. You will have to abstain from alcohol  and at least take a walk at lunchtime for 15 to 30 mins.

If you plan this it can be easier than you think!   You will feel lighter and be emptying that build up of toxicity in your overloaded body. You will have more energy,vitality  and clear thinking at the end of the week.

You can then re-introduce coffee etc, but just see how much difference this makes to you.

Try it and see….Jane

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