Call me Old-Fashioned!

You may think I’m old fashioned…. When it comes to successful personal relationships, you have to be willing to be vulnerable for what you want. I mean you have to stand up for what you want, you have to declare what you want which will take most people way out of their comfort zone. Most people are really gutless when it comes to expressing how they feel about anyone….I’ve been exactly the same!.

Even with your children; to have a great relationship with them you have to stand up for them, declare what you really feel, declare your love. Even if you feel like a complete idiot, if you say the truth for you it makes an impact. How many people do you know…who do not feel loved…or do not know if their partner or children or parents love them? Maybe you are one of them! So if you have children or a partner you love or friends you love….then make a difference and really make sure they know! Don’t ASSUME that they know how you feel!!!! Go call that person now and say what you really mean. Make a REAL commitment to your love for them. Don’t be worried or disheartened if they don’t respond with glee! It may take them a while to trust that you mean it…..especially if you have betrayed them or just not been there or said anything before.

BE UNCOMFORTABLE …….All the Best Jane

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