Divine Intervention


Hello there.

It’s so amazing how Life works! Almost as soon as I began to write blogs more often, just a few weeks ago;  to put myself ‘out there’ and expand my work to more people around the world; I had Divine Intervention which has stopped me in my tracks for the last 2-3 weeks. I was asking to make sure I was on purpose, so I was asking a spiritual question and I got a spiritual answer!

Deepening Connection

I am now experiencing a deepening of my spiritual connection to God. I had to sit still and really listen to what my message to you should be about if at all I should writing to you or go do something else.

Instead of getting back to blogs the message I got was to meditate, relax, sleep very deeply, cook, drive to nature, BE and then to clean out things like books, photos , things I do not need etc….you know those jobs we all put off; the clutter that clutters our life energy, that clogs up space instead of creating spaciousness so we can breathe more deeply and tap into the creative life force energy that refreshes us.

Wow what a mammoth task….and yet I felt propelled along and guided to throw this photo out, this book to give to others, these to this person, that to that person etc. I have not done any marketing, written any blogs, studied anything or earn t a lot of money. But I feel deeply nourished and rested and something new is emerging!

Acknowledgement of My Life Experiences

By culling my photos I’ve looked over my life thus far and been able to deeply acknowledge all the aspects of it….many photos of group after group after group of people who have attended my training courses over the years and cards of thanks from many of them of how I helped them transform their lives.

Photos of my 1st marriage and the joy, love and fun we had as a young family before we divorced. Now I can send those photos with love to my ex-husband so that he can experience the joy again of what we had in those days…as I hadn’t seen those photos for a very long time and neither has he yet.

Photos of friends and family….rich experiences of connection, love, laughter and delight. And photos of my travels around this amazing planet of ours to Asia, Europe, America & Australia with friends, family & clients dotted all over the globe.

Being of Service to You

I knew I had to trust; to be still; to listen; to quieten; to stop what I was doing. I had to let the Spirit do its work and re-arrange things within me so that I can go forwards in CLEAR SERVICE to you; not just a scattered array of writings and subjects.

Yesterday the juice flowed and I was “given” a new more ordered format to write my articles to you in. So you will see the new format this week  and I sincerely hope that the way each topic is delivered and broken up will be easier to digest and act upon.

I feel that what  I communicate to you is being refined within me and made very clear and concise. This is my purpose and my service in my life.

I re-commit  deeply to being of service to you in delivering a message about the real power and prosperity that exists within you in choosing to deliver a professional service to people.

Blessings to you

Love to you


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