Do you LOVE your work?

If your answer is yes…then that’s fantastic! You are full of energy, vitality and confidence. You are attracting more of the energy you put out, back towards you, so you will be flying and fulfilling your work life and attracting more and more opportunities towards you.

Now if you answered no…. you can probably see where your life is going and maybe why you could be feeling jealous of someone who loves their work because they are attracting the opportunities and you are not!

This does not make you worse  or less than them. It either means that you are just not doing the work you really want to do or that you have lost sight of the reason you are doing what you are currently doing in order to fulfill your own values. So stop and take a look and ask yourself which is it. Then either go to the work you really want or re-commit to what you are doing with LOVE and remember why you are doing it.

Take stock right now……. Jane

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