For all the Mothers of the World!

It’s Mothers Day in Australia today and when I woke up this morning I thought of all the mothers around the world. I thought about mothers in different countries and what it would be like for every mother everywhere to be given the gift of  a gorgeous white chrysanthemum (you know those really amazing big ones).

I thought about motherhood and what it means: raising a child, giving birth, carrying  a child for 9 months, and sex!

Any one of those steps in Motherhood can be pleasurable, can be violent, can be painful, can be joyful, can be hard, can be lonely, can be fulfilling.

I imagined myself giving such a flower to a mother in Africa and mother in Afghanistan today; to honor ALL MOTHERS around the world.

To ALL mothers ; whether you wanted to become a mother or not; whether you are a good mother or not; I love you  and honor you as a mother of the world. May your children bless you in many ways that you can and cannot imagine  and thank you for the gift you give to humanity. Make sure you honor yourself even if those around you do not….give yourself a silent hug and thank yourself for the gift you give.

Love and Blessings……. Jane

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