How to Manage Anxiety


It’s Too Much!



Managing anxiety or panic attacks is about managing your mind.

You DO have the POWER to do this!

Anxiety is caused because you travel too far into the future and SCARE the living daylights out of yourself because you THINK you are there BUT you are NOT!

EXAMPLE #1: You start thinking about NOT having enough money in 10 years time and SCARE yourself because you can’t see it now!!!!

EXAMPLE #2:   You ASSUME that someone is going to say no to you and you get anxious because you think they’ve already said no; and yet you haven’t even asked yet!!!!

Can you see how both these very common examples are based in thinking in the future too far?

Really you are in a fantasy….neither is real!


1. When you scare yourself….say “I’ve gone too far into the future….I need to come back to NOW”

2. Ask yourself ” What’s the most important thing for me to do to right now….or what can I do towards this right now…or what am already doing towards this right now” This brings you into the PRESENT moment and you can function from there without anxiety.

With Love and Wisdom






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