How to stop Overwhelm

Today I went to my yoga class and the teacher said to “pull back from the physical pose in order for the mind to stay present”. It was a great way to explain the power we have to stay in that place of presence in our work and in any activity.

Last week I flipped out and went into overwhelm at feeling completely stuck in my internet marketing learnings. I felt angry and I wasn’t getting anywhere….can you relate to that?

Well then my teacher rang me and “pulled me back” from the overwhelm I had got myself tangled up in. By being gentle and acknowledging that it is very challenging at this stage I gradually pulled my mind back and became present which is that state of stillness of the mind. After I became present things began to work, I was calm, I slowed down instead of pushing forwards. I could see more easily because I had created stillness and space between my thoughts and activities.

I can’t stress how important it is to know this and to know how to “pull another team member back” from being overwhelmed. They cannot function effectively in that state. If you have managers going about things this way, it will inevitably cost your business in money, good people, productiveness and public relations.

This “practice” of pulling back in the mind or in an activity that is going too fast is a mind practice and a spiritual practice. So this is where you get to make work a place to integrate your body, mind and spirit. Creating stillness in a team is a good thing! It creates productivity instead of closing it off….From a more peaceful Jane

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