Is our Mindset really So Powerful?

Let’s take a look at this! If you keep saying “I never have enough money”...they are words from your mind. It is also what you think. We say what we think. That’s why listening is so important as we can hear what we and others think, especially if we ask good questions. You “know” when someone is being in-congruent with their words and thoughts. You “know” something is not quite right. So if you say” I never have enough money” your thoughts and words will create your reality. That means you WILL never have enough money. If you are willing to change your mindset and decide to HAVE more than enough money, then as you think it and say it… will become your reality.

It sounds simple and it is but because you have developed habitual thinking it’s the habit that you have to change. So start to observe what you say, what you think and what you get…….you’ll see your own mindset at work. If you don’t like it then work on it consistently and it will change. ┬áTo your new thoughts, words and actions!!!!!…Jane

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