Need a Break?

Me in Harrods London on a mini break!!!

Do You Need a Break?

Most professionals only take their holidays once a year unless you are a teacher and follow the school holidays……lucky you! If you work in a 9-5 environment and you are “limited’ with what you can negotiate here are some ideas to have more breaks. I believe in Mini Breaks …more on that later


What you COULD negotiate

1. To work 4 days per week

2. To work a certain number of days per month

3. To work from home a certain number of days per week

Think laterally here and work out what could work for you and your employer. If you are self employed then you are the boss….work it out some how as you are in charge of your time your  health and your business……are you not?


Mini Breaks

I LOVE mini breaks and its how I manage my life when I’m working on big projects.

What is a MINI BREAK? Mini Breaks can be for 30mins to a day or 3 days to a week.


IDEAS for Mini Breaks

1. Write down your  places and spaces. that are close by that feed your soul. Some of mine are the beach, the harbour, certain cafes, the mountains, certain drives to the country, the Art Gallery, certain places with beautiful architecture, fountains, parks, the pool, spas, a trip to see my family or friends, a walk, botanical gardens, camping, watching a sunset or sunrise, national parks etc

2. Put this list on your fridge or notice board and look at it. When you know you need time out decide how much time you have or want and what would feed your soul RIGHT NOW!

3. Act on it IMMEDIATELY. Do not hesitate….there are NO excuses as many things on your list do not cost anything.

4. Pack picnics, get a rug, a raincoat  and umbrella and you are pretty much set. Take a book and sit under your favourite tree, lie on the beach and sleep to the sound of the waves (make sure you are under an umbrella if it’s hot). Grab a friend or not and get up early to watch the sun rise or STOP to watch it set.

5. If you work in a city environment pack your lunch and head for a park to eat, go for a walk, get lost in a book shop, clothes shop, music shop, look around at the architecture…feel the awe! GET OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!

If you FEED YOUR SOUL more often you won’t get burnt out and be in a state of waiting for your holidays once a year!

With Love and Wisdom    Jane

PS after writing this…guess what….I’ve decided to take a mini break tomorrow !

Here’s my Plan…

I’ve invited a friend to meet me at Palm Beach  Sydney (of course) so I can have a lovely 1 hour drive with Il Divo playing loudly in the car, then I’ll pick her up from the ferry, drive to Whale Beach for morning coffee and a walk on the beach then drive to Avalon for lunch and mooch around the shops, then back to Palm Beach for a walk on the beach, put her on the ferry again, watch the sun set then drive home!  This is a regular mini break for me!…..Can’t wait to hear about your ideas……With love, friendship and relaxation….Jane








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