Time to Make a Date!

If you are working lots of hours in your professional capacity, chances are you are not paying attention to your partner and your important relationship with them. Even though work may be tough, and your partner may be very patient; most people require to have “special” undivided attention with their sacred other! It is food for the SOUL!

It feeds you, nourishes you; its why you are in each others lives, sharing the journey together. Don’t neglect this important part of your life…it will give you more energy when you make the effort to have regular time together.

Why not make a date night! It could be every week, every two weeks, every month…whatever feels good to both of you. Look for ways to have some time just together again without work and children.

I could make a list of activities that you could act on but hey….come on….we are all adults here…I’m sure you can make your own list!

I will share one thing as many people don’t seem to think of it. When money is a bit tight….get creative and make up your date night from a mix of expensive and in-expensive components eg

DATE NIGHT #1          

  1. Ask your partner on a surprise date
  2. Select a place for a romantic picnic (tell them how to dress…make sure they are warm)
  3. Buy a bottle of good wine or champagne
  4. Find the picnic basket and blanket, 2 plates, knives, napkins
  5. Add 2 really good wine glasses (wrapped up)
  6. Stop off and get a bunch of grapes & your favorite cheeses (just 1or2)
  7. Make a thermos of tea or coffee (whatever you drink) + 2 good mugs
  8. Drive off to destination
  9. On the way go to favorite takeaway for food
  10. Have a lovely romantic quiet date that hasn’t cost you an arm and a leg!
  11. Well….I’ll leave that to your imagination!!!!
  12. Oh yeah I just remembered…thank Jane for the idea and new life in your relationship and your work!

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