Tips to DE- Clutter your Work Space

Cluttered spaces affect your energy, your time, your organisation, your effectiveness, your speed, your reputation, your financial flow, your health, your opportunities.

NOW! That’s quite a list of very important factors isn’t it?  If you clutter your space with papers, books, files, technical equipment,  toys, etc and can’t find the things you need then you are not working effectively and are in fact creating a stagnant space for yourself and others in your work space. I for one, would not tolerate that in my own business as I consider that stagnant energy in MY business. It is NOT inviting to clients.

I’ve seen offices where there are boxes and boxes of files piled up and offices with just files piled up in corners and along walls, on top of cupboards, on desks etc. It turns me off wanting to enter that space! WHY? Because if that person can’t tidy up and organize those papers how can I trust them to organize my needs if I have to deal with them. We all need to have a few files and folders handy but keep them tidy and organised.

Believe me you will feel better once you de-clutter. Watch your energy change!

Some tips to De-Clutter!

  • Create a plan to clean up
  • You could ask someone to help you….I recommend this
  • Let go of things you do not need…BE RUTHLESS
  • Learn how to file in a filing cabinet and on your computer
  • Make it a project and give yourself a time frame to complete the clean up
  • When you have finished the clean up: celebrate
  • Celebrate by painting the office, redecorating or just at least having it cleaned thoroughly
  • Then MAINTAIN by putting things away as you go

More on Managing Your space soon.  Jane

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