What Is Personal Power

What is NOT Personal Power

If we start with what is NOT personal power then perhaps its easier to understand. We all KNOW when we are not IN our power don’t we?  We can FEEL it …our emotions take charge of us when we abandon our personal power and we usually disappoint ourselves inwardly and often hate ourselves for being like we are. Sound familiar?



Some Examples of NOT being in your Power:

1. saying yes when you really mean no

2. saying no when you really mean yes

3. feeling sorry for yourself when something doesn’t go your way

4. feeling depressed when you are challenged

5. being over demanding at others

6. complaining endlessly


So what IS Personal Power?

1. the ability to balance your mind quickly between perceived negatives and positives

2. the ability to face and embrace challenge and respond more consciously

3. the ability to be grateful for the support you ACTUALLY receive

4. the ability to say what  you really mean; to be authentic; with or without fear

5. the ability to find gratitude for ANY challenge that comes your way

6. it’s being able to LISTEN to your soul through your INTUITION


Getting some SUPPORT

Re-claiming your personal power is a process of clearing emotional charges about unconscious perceptions you are carrying around in your mind about people, incidences, God, Life, government, work and self….largely.

Once you clear them you get more LIFE in your life!!! That’s where your VITALITY is!

In Love and Wisdom








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