Where is Your Home?

What an amazing start to the New Year! In Australia we have an unprecedented flood going on right through half of our country after 10 years of drought. I know that other countries are experiencing similarly extreme weather. The indigenous people of our country have always LOVED the land and looked after it. My father who is 80 says that we have had other big floods and droughts and I’m sure that my indigenous brothers and sisters saw them well before white man settled here.

So where am I going with this? I have a LOVE of this land I was born too, a LOVE for my home which I see as  Planet Earth and a LOVE for the entire Universe.. I see that my home is the whole planet and its within me. If I’m in England visiting my daughter my home is there with her; I have friends constantly roaming the Earth and I’m speaking to you where ever you are and I see you as part of my life as a fellow human being living in a different area of  our home.

For the people who have lost all possessions in the flood their home is either an evacuation centre or someone else’s physical house, so in essence, that is their home. So what I’m getting at is that we must learn to live in the PRESENT MOMENT and be more flexible in our thinking and make home a state of mind rather than be really attached to a physical dwelling or physical objects. We can expand our sense of home. When we are “AT HOME” with ourselves, it doesn’t really matter where we live and we don’t stress or worry about physical objects. It doesn’t mean we can’t desire them or enjoy them or be a bit sad for a while when they go.

Dr John Demartini says that “there is no loss” and if you take the example above of flood ravaging homes….the people affected have had shelter, clothes, food, love, kindness, help, money, furniture etc offered to them IMMEDIATELY from others. So its a great question to ponder…what have they lost?…For some; photos and prized possessions and furniture have gone…ruined or washed away and for a small minority friends and loved ones have died in a natural disaster.

In Australia, this flood has brought out the very best in most people, offering what they can to help people restore their possessions, homes and emotions. It has brought strangers together, it has meant they got out from behind the telly and are doing some hard physical work cleaning, it gives  people an opportunity to start again; to think about where they want to live, what they want in the way of possessions and what takes over the despair is the kindness of the human spirit. The spirit washes away the grief, it gives energy to those affected and holds them up so that they can move forwards.

This event has activated a flood of GIVING energy and a sense of purpose to help others. It is feeding the spirit of the Australian people AND it is filling up the drought stricken rivers so that we are in full flow again. Regeneration will happen over the next few years in many ways. Politicians, farmers, mining companies and business people will make new decisions and people will shift around and bring new order, new life all over the place.

I have a few messages for you in this article!

1.   To view LIFE as something bigger than just yourself.

2.   To see how we are all interconnected; how we  affect  each other

3.  To EMBRACE Challenges as unifying, strengthening and expanding capabilities

4.   To acknowledge what comes to us in things , people and opportunities when we feel LOSS

5.  In ancient philosophies Destruction and Rebuilding are ONE (both necessary)

6.   To be GRATEFUL for the aliveness within us to be OUT of our comfort zone

I hope this opens your mind and heart and spirit to see who you really are! I hope it enables you as a leader to expand the consciousness of your team members and people around you.

Kindest Regards for this New Year of expanding Unity and Flow


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